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 Claim your name and connect me!

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Claim your name and connect me! Empty
PostSubject: Claim your name and connect me!   Claim your name and connect me! I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 03, 2010 10:59 am

I just want you all to know that there is a method to my madness! I have a basic idea of how this is supposed to flow, it is essentially a more secure version of our Chatzy that we can access on the go if we have the capabilities. This post will teach you how to claim your username on the server and connect to it.

Step One: A Client
If you have read this far you might actually care, or you just want to see me make a fool of myself when this crashes and burns, either way, I am happy.

Essentially, the client is the way that you are going to access the channel through the IRC intertubes. IRC is the second most obsolete form of communication on the internet, second only to what it was made to replace, I'm assuming that was a series of dashes and numbers. That being said, bare with me on the client retrieval, we won't mess with FTP... Yet...x3

Err, right, so... Client... Essentially, what we need is something that will let us connect to the servers we need. In the spirit of being a douchebag, I would make you go find one yourself or use Mibbit. But in the spirit of loving you all so much I compiled a list of these stupid obsolete protocol thingies.

Chatzilla (This is an add-on for the Firefox browser and what I use.)

BitchX (You will need 7-Zip to open that file.)

Miranda IM


That'll get you where you need to go.

Step Two: Connect Me!

So thus far you might actually be interested. Cool! Now what we need to do is get you hooked up so that I can rule ove-- I mean... We can all chat and have fun on a retro Internet Protocol... Yeah, that. So here we go.

1)Open up your IRC Program, as if this step was not obvious enough.
2) Type in /server irc.foonetic.net. It will give you the confirmation and connect you to our server.
3) Dial in /nick <Name Goes Here> This will hook you up with that name.
4) Punch in /join Huldrula.This will bring you one step closer to connection.
5) When it asks for a pass, write in "whocares". No quotes.
6) You should now be connected. Woohoo!

Step Three: Claim Your Name!

By now you've grown protective of your name. You love it and cherish it and do not want it stolen. That is why we are going to register it. This will make it yours on the Foonetic server. Forever. -Dun dun DUUUUUN-

What we will do is type in /msg nickserv register <Password Goes Here> <Email Addresse Goes Here>. I hope you waited at least five minutes between this step and changing your nickname, I got caught at 15 seconds when I was registering mine and got annoyed.

Okay, now that you have your name, go into your email, and pull up the message sent to you by whatever looks right, probably close to the top of either your inbox or your junk folder... What? Go ahead, I won't look. I promise.

So, you see what it says there?It should look something like "/msg nickserv AUTH xxxxxxxxxxx" Punch that in EXACTLY as you see it. Copy Pasta doesn't work, I tried...

So... Now you're registered, connected, and ready to chat! You have access to private messaging, (I'll explain commands in a later post), the channel #Huldrula, and the eternal happiness that comes with having a program that is older than you installed on your computer and running functionally.


Please heal me...
I cannot sleep
I thought I was unbreakable,
But this is killing me!!!

Scars upon me,
Everyday... Make me feel unbreakable.
Now that I've been set free!!!
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Claim your name and connect me!
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